Event management system that supports the entire organization process of events.
With In2Event your event will go off without a hitch.

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Getting the party started.

In2Event automates and digitalize tasks like budgeting, planning, accreditations, programming, marketing, project management, artist handling and all other backstage related activities. It can be used for pre-production, coordination on the showdays and the evaluation afterwards.

We believe that In2Event will revolutionize the way event organizations work
and will bring the festival landscape to the next level.

Line-up management and artist handling has never been this efficient.

All repeated labour is automated and all the information is send out personalized. Saving you a lot of time.

Artist database
Our artist database contains over 3000 artist profiles.
Including pressphotos, bios and much more.
Drag & Drop Line-up creator
Using our Artist database you can create your concept line-up within minutes. A real timesaver.
Artist handling during showdays
Real-time insight to be the perfect host for your artists.

Plan and organise your events months in advance.

Production management
Plan, organise and control all production activities.
Add milestones, todo's and deadlines.
Know exactly what is going on during your event.

Streamlined accreditations.

During show-days In2Event wipes the floor with miscommunications, discussions and ambiguities, so you can concentrate on the things that are really important.

Real-time Crewsheets
Always up to date crewsheets managed by the supplier itself.
Callsheets & Briefings
Callsheets and briefings are generated and send automatically.
Just scan the E-ticket and the person is checked-in.

And In2Event is also...


We've made the system multilingual. Send out your briefings and accreditation in the recipients preferred language.


You don’t have to install any CDs, download any software, or worry about upgrades. Just log in to the system using your browser and get started.


Access the system from any device (Desktop, tablet & mobile), at any time, from any where.

"In2Event to me, as planner of large outdoor events, is a relieve on the area of artist-production. Where at first dozens of Excel and Word documents cluttered my desk, this tool instantly provides overview, peace of mind, and most of all efficiency"
Tom van den Tillaer
Head of Program - Daydream Festival

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