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Have you already heard about the new European legislation the GDPR? It’s the General Data Protection Regulation and set some new and stricter rules when it comes to processing and saving consumer data.

This legislation causes companies quite some work, but it is definitely a cause we believe in. There have been some substantial data leaks at pretty big companies lately like Uber losing the data of 57 million customers and this legislation will force companies to handle customer data more carefully. No one wants their personal information just laying around for anyone to find and (mis)use.

The legislation forces companies te reevaluate their safety measures and forces them to think about which information they actually need. For each piece of information that is not directly necessary, companies need to ask extra permission and specify why they need this information.
The consumer gets to choose which information they want to choose and which not. When permission is given it can also always be revoked. This way the consumer gets full power.

On the 28th of May, 2018 the legislation will set in, and until then we will double check everything to make sure our hard work has paid off and we meet the requirements.