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Meet Niklas Kurtenbach

Meet Niklas Kurtenbach, our newest addition to the In2Event team! He is our new International Sales and Account manager. Nik is 27 years old and originally from Germany. He will be responsible for clients such as New Horizons and Airbeat One.

Since this year he has been living in the Netherlands. His former job was at a booking agency. His hobbies include table tennis, music, his friends and traveling. His favourite festival is Awakenings.

To get to know Niklas a little better, we asked him some dilemmas which he had to answer. What better way to get to know someone by ask him silly questions?

You have to give weekly lunchtime concerts at work OR you have to collect your lunch by begging your colleagues
Singing, definitely! I use to like to sing when I was younger. I still like to do it but normally not in public. Also music is a part of my life so that is why i work in the event business.

When it rains you have to cry very hard OR Whenever you see a dog, you have to chase it around your knees for 15 minutes
I guess I’d pick the crying. Whenever it rains, people won’t even notice anyway.

You can only type with your nose OR You can only mumble
They’re both bad, but if I had to choose I’d go with the mumbling. That’s not annoying to me, only to the people around me.

Your socks are always sorted when they come out of laundry OR Wherever you go, you are offered a welcome drinks
Definitely the welcome drink! I don’t mind sorting my socks, I only have black and white ones.

Every time you sneeze you switch gender OR You have the vocabulary of a preschooler
I would switch gender that would be fun i guess

You may never watch the ending of a movie/series OR You have to repeat and spell out the last word of every sentence you say
I would repeat and spell out the last word with no doubt. I could not imagine if I can’t watch the end of my series or movies. I would go nuts!

You’re always followed by five enthusiastic mariachis OR You have to high-five everyone you pass
They both are so cool, but maybe I’ll get tired of the music of the mariachis so I’m gonna go with high-fiving everyone I pass

You sing everything you say OR You walk in slow-motion
Singing everything would be like living in a High School Musical movie, that would be awful!! Walking in slow-motion, for sure!

You shrink to half your size OR You age twice as fast
I’m gonna have to go with ageing twice as fast. If I shrink to half my size I’d provably die even sooner due to cars not noticing me anymore.

You have to keep your food in your cheeks for 15 minutes before you can swallow it OR You have to run in a wheel for two hours a day
Running, definitely. Flavours go away when you keep food in your mouth and running will keep me fit.