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The Core

The foundation of In2Event.
This is where it all starts.

The Launchpad

In the Launchpad you can access your events, check important data, view your contacts and manage your users.

The Event Dashboard

The starting point of your event.

When you’re on the dashboard you instanly see what items need your attention so you can hit the ground running.

Crowd management

Collect information, process mutations and inform crew and guests.
All from one central spot!

Your suppliers are responsible for supplying their information.

Simply create a crowd list, set up the accreditation options and send to your contact. That’s it, you're done!

Now, sit back and let your contact provide you with the requested information. You'll receive a notification when the list is ready for you to approve.

Personal accreditations

Accreditation lists will be filled in per person. This way you know exactly who’s coming and what it is they need.

Options & Limits

For each list you can set the accreditation options and limits.

Approval of lists

Every list needs your approval. You can do this yourself or with our clever auto-approve option.


With RSVP it’s possible for people to confirm their presence.

The event briefing

Send out personalised briefings containing all crucial information about the event, their e-ticket and parking card.

On showdays

Scannable e-tickets for quick handling at the event site.

The days of long lines at the checkpoints are over. With our scannable e-tickets checking in only takes a few seconds.

The core also includes these features.

Fill 76 Copy 7 Created with Sketch. Notifications

Receive notifications when something needs your attention.

Fill 277 Created with Sketch. Reports

Exportable overviews containing event information.

Fill 55 Created with Sketch. User management

Create users and give them rights and permissions.

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